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Documentary Shorts

Dùthchas - Community Forestry in Scotland

As the need for climate action sees large areas of Scotland being bought for re-wilding schemes led by wealthy landowners, we should ask: what kind of forests do we want to see in Scotland?

Created in partnership with Community Land Scotland and Kilfinan Community Forest.

Directed / Filmed by Jaye Renold

Edited by Georgia Baker-Smith

Published 2021

Oil On Their Hands

For almost half a century, Quechua, Achuar, and Kichwa communities in Northern Peruvian have suffered extreme negative environmental, health, cultural, social, and economic impacts as a result of the operations of oil companies. In 2020, the communities took their complaint to the Netherlands, where PlusPetrol transferred its headquarters in 2000. This film was screened in meetings with the Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry, Dutch Deputies, and at the OECD headquarters in the Netherlands.

Created in partnership with PUINAMUDT (Amazonian Indigenous Peoples United in Defense of their Territories)
Directed/Filmed by Jaye Renold
Edited by Anthony Marzin, Hugo Metz, Paul Redman and Jaye Renold

Published 2020

Our Territory

Indigenous peoples and local communities offer a scalable climate solution. Protecting their rights will benefit communities, the Amazon itself and all of humanity, yet still they face many threats to their lives and territories. In the Peruvian Amazon community of Boca Parimanu, the Amahuaca people tread this difficult balance. 

Made in partnership with FENAMAD, SPDA and The Tenure Facility.
Directed by Paul Redman 
Produced by Paula Alvarado The Tenure Facility  
Filmed by Paul Redman and Jaye Renold
Edited by Lincoln Athas 

Published 2019

Burning the Bananal

Traditional fire management practices hold answers to the increasing wildfires seen across the world. Controlled fires, which were widely banned by colonialist authorities, had long been used by indigenous peoples to maintain their land and forests and to protect their peoples from large-scale wildfires. A partnership between the Brazilian Environment Ministry and indigenous communities shares elders' wisdom about fire management, employs indigenous firefighters and invests in the application of these practices on a huge scale. 

Made in partnership with CONJABA and APIB
Directed and Filmed by Jaye Renold

Assistant Directed by Flay Guajajara
Published 2018


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