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Director . Cinematographer . Editor . Visual Storyteller

​Jaye Renold is a filmmaker and visual storyteller, with a background in environmental campaigning, anthropology and visual arts. She directs, films and edits documentaries and short films for a variety of media, grassroots activist groups, NGOs and international bodies, specialising in co-creative filmmaking to communicate the many-faceted stories of climate justice, social-ecological crises and their solutions. As director or DP she has filmed in diverse conditions from tropical rainforests, to parliamentary chambers and street protests across 5 continents and her footage has appeared internationally, such as in Times Square New York, TV Globo Brasil, Channel 4 News and the BBC. Her 2020 documentary 'Oil On Their Hands' was awarded an Honourable Mention at the Jackson Wild Media Awards. 

Jaye has worked at If Not Us Then Who? since 2016, collaborating with a network of Indigenous emerging filmmakers on film production and distribution. Her previous experience includes co-founding climate-focused social enterprises, grassroots climate justice activism and ethnographic research. She was also a delegate of the UK Youth Climate Coalition to the UN Climate Negotiations in Bonn and Paris.

Jaye speaks Spanish, Portuguese, German and English.

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